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Field replication for each panel

Question asked by jimehr on Jan 27, 2016
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I have a form with 7 panels.

Each section has a field called [JobCode].

Clients wants the [JobCode] that is entered in Panel1 to replicate to all other Panels so user does not have to enter it 7 times.

But the field needs to be editable in each panel for the occasional case where a single panel might need an different code. Make any sense? Any ideas?



Panel 1     [JobCode1]   (What gets entered here should populate down. But be editable just in case.

Panel 2     [JobCode2]

Panel 3     [JobCode3]

Panel 4     [JobCode4]

Panel 5     [JobCode5]

Panel 6     [JobCode6]

Panel 7     [JobCode7]