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Trying to filter a list lookup based on two drop down selections

Question asked by mbayoumi on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by mbayoumi

I'm working on an activity tracker, users will select the Team (choice of three; AA, BB, CC) and the Type (choice of two; AdHoc or Regular) and i need to use those two values to filter a lookup list of tasks.


For example, this is the list i am trying to get data from, based on team and type fields the user selects i would like to return the third column.



AARegularTPI Report
AARegularBU Request
BBRegularTrade Log
BBRegularApplicability of New Rules
BBRegularIntranet Upload
CCRegularScope of Permission
CCRegularReport submissions
CCRegularRegister Metrics Report
AAAdHocOther Reports
AAAdHocQuery resolving
BBAdHocMeeting set up
BBAdHocFormatting (In word or PPT)
BBAdHocProviding access


  • The Lookup control doesn't give an option to use multiple criteria to filter.
  • I tried creating a helper column concatenating the two fields in the list and a calculated value in the form doing the same - the Lookup control filter doesn't work with the calculated value
  • Cascading lookups as described here won't work because any of the Teams can have either of the Types and as far as i can see that solution reqiures the second field to be exclusive to the first field.
  • List Lookup filter doesn't give the option of filtering by a variable


I've hit a total block and all i can find is are other people asking similar questions (1, 2) without answers.


Any help or advice would be highly appreciated.