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Conditional Error on Form

Question asked by michaelpe on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by michaelpe

I'm playing with hiding controls in the Form and keep getting an error when trying to preview the form. I have a "choice" column that is a dropdown for different facilities, called "facilities." In the form are several sections, say Traffic, Inventory, Engineering, etc. Some facilities do not have Engineering, so when they choose that facility in the dropdown, I want that part of the form to hide. I'm trying this piece of code: {ItemProperty:Facility}="PE" then choose the hide checkbox at the bottom.


The error I'm getting states "Cannot assign to a function result." Obviously if I remove the code then the form loads fine. Just not sure how to word the syntax correctly to get it to hide.


I noticed if I change it to !="PE" and instead of hide, choose Disable, it works. I would just rather hide it though.