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How Can I Override the "Set Users Permissions" Action?

Question asked by nyeman17 on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by nyeman17

Hello Everyone,


I have created a problem for myself regarding the Set Users Permissions Action. This is how the workflow functions. When the initiator submits a request they have the permissions to edit the item that they submitted UNTIL a Reviewer changes the status to Approved or denied(Through the "..." edit start menu list) Once the reviewer reviews the item the initiator cannot go back and edit said item because of the set user permissions Action.


Now the workflow works without a hitch.. BUT we forgot to set the "set user permissions" action so that any full control users always have the power to edit/delete the items. Being that we just found out that this is a problem... we can not edit/delete previously submitted request...even though we have full control.


We now have a TON of test requests and have no way to delete them. We can delete new requests because we have updated the workflow.


Steps taken to fix this issue:

1) Create a delete item workflow

2) removed the set user permissions workflow

3) Deleting the Items in SPD


Our Next Step is to ask our admin to see if he can delete the items individually.... But before we ask him I wanted to see if there was an easier/answer to this problem.



Thank you