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Reusability techniques supported in Nintex Workflow (and some limitations)

Question asked by georgilubomirov on Jan 26, 2016
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Hi guys,


I am working on a process which requires about 15 steps to be executed in parallel. The logic in each step is basically the same (sending tasks to different departments) which will result in a pretty big workflow with lots of duplicates. I would like to take advantage of the reusability techniques supported in Nintex Workflow. I am aware of the following reusability options:

UDAs, Workflows, Snippets. Unfortunately I am not able to proceed with any of these techniques because of the following limitations:

1) UDAs - it's not possible to customize the task form that comes with the Flexi Task action. I need to have custom branding and some custom buttons in my task forms so this limitation is a showstopper for me

2) Workflow - it's not possible to run multiple instances of a workflow on the same list item. In other words I won't be able to move my task processing logic into another workflow and start that workflow for every branch of a parallel action

3) Snippets - I don't see any benefit of using this option since it doesn't make the workflow smaller and it doesn't solve the duplication issue.


Any advice how to solve my problem is welcomed.


Thank you,