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Checkbox not shown in Repeating Section

Question asked by christiannrc on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by sophie.timu



I'm currently evaluating Nintex Form and I'm running into an issue while using the Repeating Section.  Within my repeating section, I have a multi line textbox and a checkbox.


The two fields are not overlapping at all.  When I hit the "Click here for edit", the detail screen shown on my tablet show the multi line text field on top and the checkbox in the middle-right of the screen.


When I go back to my main form page, I can see my text but nothing about the value chose for the checkbox.  It's like the field is not even there.


Another problem I have is I would like to define my form for a landscape view on for our Android SM810 tablet but whenever I try to look at the tablet in a landscape mode, it's not rotating so I'm wondering what needs to be done for this to happen?

Thank you.