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Could not publish workflow because Type or NameSpa...

This is not so much a question as a post that I hope will be helpful to other people here. I had an issue where I was unable to publish my...

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How can I use a Workflow Variable as a parameter i...

I have a workflow where I am using an Execute SQL action to call a stored procedure that requires two parameters. The first parameter I can type ...

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Why isn't there a forum on Nintex for SharePoi...

I am using Nintex forms and workflow on premise for SharePoint 2016 and would like to connect with the Nintex connect community by asking and ans...

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create a validation rule on a calculated field wit...

I am using SharePoint 2013 and Nintex 2013. I have a Nintex form with a people picker field called ProjectLead. Some users in the active direct...

  • By rutica
  • June 25, 2020  15:45
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Stopping a Running Workflow

I have a workflow on a Sharepoint 2010 list that unfortunately seems to have created a continuous loop. I have gone to List Settings > Workflow Se...

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name control as stored procedure parameters in For...

Hello , I have two controls on my form. #1. Choice control where I capture the value (using name) and pass it to #2. SQL Request control as a stor...

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Why does approving a task create a new document ve...

I have a rather simple workflow on a document library. When a new document is created or modified in a document library the workflow initiates. I...

  • By tcl
  • March 21, 2018  07:46
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User profile lookup doesn't work will all user...

Attempting to use user profile lookup inline function in Nintex forms, to lookup a user's email, from their user account, so that I can use it to...

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