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Time calculation issue when using "dateAddHou...

In my gut, I feel I should know how to fix this. Alas...I cannot. I am working on a time-off request form for one of our managers and we are tr...

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Formatting rule woes (and I mean PAIN)

After hours - HOUURRRSSSS of trying to take 2 rules and combine them into one, I am waving the white flag of surrender... OK...I have 2 ru...

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Separate notification to initiator if they are als...

I'm still pretty new to Nintex forms and workflow, but I'm managing to muddle my way through ok. I'm stuck on something though. We have an acce...

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Trouble with conditions of a validation rule

I am struggling with this and I hope someone can assist. I have a hidden panel that shows when one of the values in a choice control is selected...

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Email to a Custom List

Hi, I'm looking to build a Helpdesk ticket system for a client, They insist that tickets must be submitted by email. I know you can email cert...

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