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Is it possible to run custom validation rules on A...

Hello all I am trying to setup custom validation on attachment control in Nintex Office 365 forms. Here are my rules: 1. I have a panel that ...

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Issues with publishing workflows

Today, we are noticing issues while publishing workflows. These workflows worked yesterday. But we could not publish today. Is this due to Task ...

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Branding of error messages with custom javascript ...

Hi all I have a custom JS function that is called on Client Submit button. The JS function does some math validation and if the validation fails...

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How to show related Item link on task form

Hello everyone I have customized task form using O 365 Nintex forms. On the task form, I want to show item link. I have seen some blogs where it...

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Templatize task email text for multiple tasks

Hello Office 365 Nintex experts I have a big workflow with several tasks. Each task has initial,reminder and escalation emails. Is there any eas...

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Finding all Nintex Workflows

Hello, Is there any way to see a summary and a total of all Nintex Workflows in use at O365 system? We would like to trace all of them and che...

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Set O365 form field to read-only after form submis...

Is it possible to make a people-picker name field read-only after form has been submitted? In our process, "Submit" sends the form into an appro...

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Hiding buttons on an Office 365 Nintex Form for Pr...

We would like to hide the buttons on the form when a PDF is generated by clicking on Print to PDF option. Is this possible? This is for Nintex Fo...

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format people field

I've been in Nintex 2010 for two years and I'm slowly moving to Nintex for O365. When I have a People field in a form and have it set to align on...

  • By lkolmer
  • March 24, 2017  11:42
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Save the form without starting the workflow

Hi Guys, My forms are pretty big, I would like to provide an option to save the file if the user is not compleated or wanted to come back to ...

  • By rinu
  • March 11, 2017  21:20
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