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Site workflow to copy documents from one library t...

I have been searching for an answer with no luck. We are trying to copy documents that meet our criteria from one library to another. Here are the ...

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Nintex workflow Start form from library

I created a library workflow with the Start Form. We migrated to SP2019 on-prem. Now the Start form wont open when I edit the workflow

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How to parse XML and place values in single column...

There are several article about parsing XML and putting in a table format or creating a child list. I need to parse the XML and put each of the ...

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Flexi Task corruption

I have been seeing this issue with my workflows. I create a workflow with multiple Flexi tasks. The workflow works properly and everything is f...

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Nintex Form - validation on multiple checkboxes

I have a form with a Choice column that has multiple checkbox enabled. I want to ensure all the checkboxes are selected before the form can be s...

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Participating In


In the broadcast today, Pat said how important communication was to keep everyone updated. So do people send a communication only when there is somet...

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Workflow Conditional Start not working

Hello all, I am very new to Nintex workflow. I have a workflow here that is supposed to be triggered when the user has added some equipment....

  • By kut6304
  • March 23, 2020  10:25
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Request data will not complete

Hello, we are currently on SP2013, Nintex WF I created a workflow with a request data Action. The Action will create a new CT, I adde...

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Redirect not working

Can someone please help me troubleshoot this? I have been fighting with trying to get this form to redirect for far too long now and I can not...

  • By lgiambar
  • September 11, 2017  09:55
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List Lookup control with filter (multiple)

For the Lookup control, I am trying to mention the view name(I have view with some filter condition), But after applying the view name it showing...

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