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List Lookup

Hello, I am trying to do a lookup on another list using the Nintex form and cannot figure this one out. I have a list called concession, whi...

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Form Rules

Hello, I need a little help with writing a particular form rule. Here is the scenario: I have 4 controls involved. "machine type...

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Multiple users assigned to task, close out tasks w...

Hello Nintex friends, I have a workflow that routes approvals through multiple levels. When a task is assigned at a step, there will be sometim...

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Help with Loops

Hello, I am having an issue with a workflow I have built. I have a list that captures the user inputting the data automatically. When the user se...

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How to hide/show a field based on multiple selecti...

Hello, I am trying to make a filed/control appear based on two inputs. See the screenshot here: Here is what I am looking for: If...

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