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Option to start more than one workflow from the it...

Hi, I have a list with 2 workflows enabled. I can select 'Enable workflow to start from the item menu' on both workflows separately, publish ...

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Copying documents based on column values

Hi! I have a document library that consists of multiple document sets. What I'm looking to do is to query the whole library, filter out the d...

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Calculating business days between two dates - Annu...

I, like many others on this forum, am trying to calculate the number of business days (non-weekends, non-holidays) between two date on a Nintex F...

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Using the Approval URL in the Task Description of ...

Hi! I'm currently trying to add a description to the approval task that'll list a load of information just above the 'Approve/Reject' buttons o...

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Assigning Flexi-task Conditionally

Hello All! Here's the situation I am in... I've created a list that consolidates items using a data connection in excel. This excel document ...

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