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workflow suspended, workflow instance exceeded the...

My workflow is too much big( exactly: form is too much big for too many columns ), so it's very unstable. workflows often don't work when I sub...

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Confusion about Button "Save" Action in ...

When I use save button in workflow office 365, items were not really saved into form, I reopened the form, things were there, but in the lis...

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O365 can't export workflow

The workflow was about 186 KB in size, can't be exported(published), if I removed the form in one task, the size got small(134 KB), It was OK to...

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Is there any capabilities in Nintex forms to do a ...

I have a requirement to display (and edit) data in a nested-grid. I've been researching the capabilities of Nintex Forms and I can't find any il...

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Lookup Runtime in Nintex Forms for Office 365

If I could fill the title with exclamation points, I would. The lookup() runtime function for Nintex Forms for Office 365 is now available. For those...

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How to hide or disable the Save button in the top ...

What way or ways are there to hide the Save button that is built in at the top of the form. I have other buttons that are tied to controls on the...

  • By davisn
  • July 20, 2016  07:05
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attachments custom validation

I have need for very custom validation on an attachment field. We have a series of cascading drop down menus that make the attachment field vi...

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Configuring Nintex Workflow to open Task Form in E...

Hey all-- Hoping one of you may have a good answer. Is there a way to configure Nintex Workflow to open a Task Form in Edit Mode? In Task, ...

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  • March 21, 2016  16:02
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