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Set Date field to null in Office 365 workflow

Hi Eric Harris , Lisa Tam Support Technical Issues I am trying to update date field to null using nintex workflow o365, but no luck. ca...

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Can we add a managed metadata column to Repeatin...

Hi Everyone, I am trying to add a Managed Metadata column to a Repeating section and its not allowing me and says " You cannot add this contro...

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How to Validate and Read the selected metadata ter...

Hi, I am working on Nintex 2013 On premises. can someone let me know How to validate a managed metadata column in Nintex form and how to r...

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Nintex form takes more time to load in Internet ex...

Hi, My SP2010 site is migrated to SP2013 and all the Nintex forms are also migrated. When I try to open one of 2013 Nintex form in internet E...

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How to skip a workflow step in Nintex

Hi Team, I have a main Workflow and sub workflows. I am calling sub workflows from my main workflow. In a List Item, one of the sub workflow go...

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Workflow: how to UNSET (or set to NULL) a date/tim...

Trying to build a workflow that clears a date column when the task "Completed" box is unchecked. Have tried several different approaches but hav...

  • By charuls
  • March 19, 2018  08:27
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Nintex Form stuck on 'Loading' in Web Part...

Hi there! Since a week or two (since the update of Nintex Forms on Office 365(?)), my customers experience a problem while using the Nintex Li...

  • By mverw
  • April 28, 2016  03:04
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Set list permissions using web service

Hi, How to set permissions on a list using web service action? These links does not work anymore: Nintex Connect - Set List Per...

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  • January 14, 2016  01:48
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