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Note: All tasks of this type must be created by Ni...

I am trying to create a new Content Type that inherits from the Nintex content type(s) (MyNewContentType) and when I attempt to create a new item...

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how does lazy approval handle required fields

Emily Billing I am unable to find any documentation on how Lazy Approval handles User Interaction actions (i.e. Request Approval) and processin...

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redirect after Approval Task delegation

Is it possible to redirect a user to a custom URL after an Approval Task delegation (similar to Redirecting the user from the task list page aft...

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resize form designer for a multi-step form

Hi I just asked this question in the comments section of How to design a Multi-Step form with Nintex Forms for Office 365 but I am not sur...

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How to design a Multi-Step form with Nintex Forms ...

Multi-step forms are becoming more popular than regular forms, as they are more convenient and provide a step by step procedure to follow by the ...

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  • August 25, 2014  19:11
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