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how to execute action as admin

I have a workflow where users submit a request for a new price on a part. Once the form is filled out, it goes to a Price List Admin group for approval. If the request is approved, the Price list is u...

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Nintex Forms - Error Opening Form on some items

I have a list that I am using a customized Nintex Form. When I view the display form on most of the list items, they open fine. I have one list item where I get an error that says:Sorry, something wen...

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SharePoint 2013 - Import Workflow "unexpected error"

When I try to import an exported workflow, I get an "Unexpected Error". This doesn't happen all the time so I can't figure out what could be causing the error. The steps to create the situation:1. Go ...

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Javascript to set value in lookup list control

I have a lookup-list control on my form tied to a single line text field in SharePoint. In my javascript code, I get customer data from a database and set the default customer data on the form. On the...

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Can't Open Form after approval

We have a Nintex form that once filled out, goes through multiple approvals. What we have found is that once the form has an approval, regular users get a "You don't have access to the Page" error. My...

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Key/Value pair operations in Workflow2013

I have a requirement to query multiple price lists and then compare them and select the lowest price. Once I get the price, I need to report which price list it came from and the price. If all prices ...

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Workflow option to start when the items are modified

Hi AllI have a form with a column of type number . I want to trigger a workflow only when my value of the column becomes 3.In workflow settings option to start workflow I am putting the condition when...

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Create Date/Time Stamp in a Repeating Section

I've been asked to add a date/time stamp to each new entry in a repeating section.If the user enters a comment and then selects "Add new row" or the form is saved, a date/time stamp is added to the co...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by bburke
  • | July 27, 2016 07:43
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Loop through every item in a list based on a calculated date field.

I have a list on my site that has a calculated NextDueDate column. I want to send email notifications to the person in the "taskedTo" column which will have an email address reference, when the NextDu...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | July 26, 2016 14:08
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