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Set the Description on Attachements

I'm looking to set the "Description" field on the attachment record when attaching a document to the Salesforce record it is run off of. My use ...

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Custom docusign DDP tags

Hey there, I have Docusign DDP tags in my contracts which provide the customers the designated spot/s for them to sign in. I'd like to add ad...

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Flash will no longer be supported by Salesforce De...

Is it already on your roadmap for your product to be upgraded from flash before salesforce discontinues supporting flash products in Dec 2020?

  • By NYoung
  • November 18, 2019  08:26
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check box field if checked pull to word doc

I have a few fields on my opportunity that have a check box next to them. If that check box is selected, I would like to add a sentence/paragrap...

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DocuGen markup for DateTime field with Insert-Upda...

I found <<Today>> in the markup, but that seems to only include the Date. I rather need the DateTime. What is the markup for the cu...

  • By tbruce
  • May 29, 2018  09:36
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automating the email To and Subject

We intend to automate the generation of emails. No buttons for users to click. Once the data meets the correct criteria, the email is to be sen...

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drawloop next parameters email delivery

I am having issues with using Drawloop Next fields for email delivery. What are the parameters I can use to have a dynamic "To" address for each ...

  • By tkclaw
  • December 11, 2017  07:43
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