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Workflow Statistics on Previous Version?

Hi All, I need to grab stats on some workflows I have. Problem is, when I click on workflow statistics, it seems like it only shows stats for t...

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Nintex Form Submission Very Slow

Hi All, I have a nintex form that captures some data from a requestor. Once submitted a workflow gets initiated based on that data. Based on wh...

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Simple Formatting Rule Will Not Cooperate

Hi all, Just spent about an hour on a rule that should have taken 30 seconds. I want to disable a field on my form UNLESS another field = "X"...

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JavaScript Syntax for repeating row control?

Hi I'm trying to get the ID of a control (list lookup) in a repeating section. It fires onclick, but I seem to have the syntax wrong because it c...

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Task Form Using iFrame of Nintex Form

I do a lot of heavy lifting in the original nitnex Request form in a list. I'd like to surface a view of this form as part of a task form in a l...

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Cascading lookup with filter and repeater control

Hi All, I am new to nintex forms and workflows and need some help on Cascading lookup with filter and repeater control. my requirement is I h...

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How to Resize Panel dynamically when fields inside...

Hello, I have a panel with label inside it which is supposed to display different messages based on other field selection on form. Although pane...

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Using the Store data and Retrieve data actions

I have to admit that I had worked with Nintex Workflow for well over a year before I discovered these beautiful actions! When I realised what th...

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JavaScript to trigger form validation rules

I am building a 2-page form using Nintex Forms 2013 v2.8.1 Page 1 - Display input controls to collect information Page 2 - Display the summar...

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  • April 26, 2016  17:43
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Assign task to group but send notification to shar...

Business Requirement: We have a workflow with a flexi task that has to be fulfilled by someone in an Active Directory group. The gr...

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