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Error converting document. Conversion jobs did not complete. 1 jobs failed. 0 jobs ca

Hi,Can any one please help me .I am converting word document to PDF using Document Conversion Acton in Nintex SP 2010 but i am getting below issue.Issue Description: Error converting document. Convers...

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Nintex Hawkeye DataSource Issue

Hi ,Thanks in Advance.I tried to create the new data source in my Hawkeye tenant. I successfully installed Hawkeye trial in my SharePoint 2013 tenant. when i installing hawkeye we need to give the ten...

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Repeating Sections Limitations (O365)

Hi All, Can anyone explain limitations for Nintex Forms (O365) Limitations?How many rows we can add it inside the repeating sections?How many input elements we can add it in forms as well as repeating...

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XML to XSLT converstion Nintex Office 365

Hi ,i want to send the repeater section values in mail content (html table format)Can anyone please help me to convert XML to XSLT. I could see the option in Sharepoint On-prems 2013 but is that any o...

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How can i swap workflow environment from production to development for bulk site coll

Hi All,Good Day!!I need a urgent solution for my above question.Can anyone help me to swap the workflow environment for bulk sites through powershell script.?Nintex O365 newly introduced environments ...

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Update Multiple Values Lookup  in SharePoint Online

Hi AllHow to Update Multiple Values Select Lookup ? We can Update Multiple Values Select Lookup column using REST API in Nintex WorkflowWhy Rest ?When you are using SharePoint Default Update Action t...

In Community Blogs
  • Posted by ranjca
  • | June 06, 2018 08:39
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Nintex Form with large Repeating Section failing

Hello Everyone,We have a Repeating Section with 14 columns. And theSharePoint list is being updated by an SSIS package in the backend.One of such entries made61 rows. So,now the Repeating Section has ...

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Creating Microsoft SQL Server Connection to SQL Azure from Nintex Workflow Cloud

Recently, Icreated my first connection to Microsoft SQL Server from Nintex Workflow Cloud. My target database was hosted in SQL Azure. Because I was using SQL Azure, I encountered a few minor snags th...

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How to Approve/Reject a Task in the Item Form instead Task Form Workflow

Hi People!Please, i need a help to allow users to approve or reject tasks inside the item form built without go to task form workflow.I need a simple section with the same structure of the task form: ...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | June 23, 2015 04:03
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Cascading Drop Down – With Nintex Form in O365

This document came from Jimmy Hang​ 's discussionJust tried out the Cascading drop Down feature in O365, and I wanted to share the experienceFirst thing first, why will you need “Cascading Dropdown”? ...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by fhunth
  • | June 03, 2015 17:37
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