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Hiding Data in Repeating Sections

Hello folks, I am creating a workflow that is based on tasks being assigned to specific users. My Workflow will assign the task based on th...

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Extract "<?xml version='1.0' encod...

Hi Folks, Hope someone can help. I have been working to get the Embedded Repeating Sections working in 365 Workflow and I am really close to g...

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Better Support

Can anyone suggest a better community for getting support with 365 questions. Don't get me wrong. There are some superb people on here but I find...

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Embedded repeating section

Hello, I am trying to create a form that allows a user to raise and issue an action. I am using a repeating section to try and achieve this. T...

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Issue with JavaScript Custom code and assigning da...

Hello, Hope someone can help out with this as we have been experiencing problems. We currently have a form that has several date fields that sh...

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