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Get Manager with connected People fields using Jav...

I was trying to find a simple way to get an Employee's Manager in a People field on a form. You can use a Calculated Field to display the Manage...

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Getting multiple fields with SQL Request and JavaS...

So, you want to save more than one field from a database query but you don't want to have multiple SQL Request controls in your form? You can ac...

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Expire a Flexi Task using web service?

Is there a way to expire a flexi task in code using the NintexWorkflowWS web service? I'd like to be able to cancel a task so that the workflow ...

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Current Nintex Projects on Codeplex

Current Nintex Projects on Codeplex Overview Although we have tons of features on Nintex workflows, there are also some public projects publi...

  • By fhunth
  • October 03, 2015  14:25
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Deleting NintexWorkflowHistory

Hi All, I'm currently having issues with deleting the NintexWorkflowHistory List content. In the Site Settings > Manage Workflow History Li...

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The fn-FormatDate does not work within email notif...

Inside the email notification body, I entered fn-FormatDate({datevariable},D). {datevariable} is "4/6/2015". When I receive the email, I have f...

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  • April 14, 2015  10:51
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How do you terminate a workflow for an item that n...

Through the Nintex Report web part, I can see a number of workflows that are in progress, but the item no longer exists. When I try to terminate...

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