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External List lookup - Scraping Data and returning...

I currently have a form set up where a manager can input their employee ID, it returns a list of their direct reports. The return list has a built...

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List lookup for attachment contents in a folder of...

Hi, here's whats up. I was given instructions on how to make a link to an external list for users to add attachments in folders that are created ...

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Workflow Task ID of a newly created Workflow item?...

How do i get the Workflow Task ID of a newly created Workflow item? What I'm trying to do is get the attachments that are added inside a workflo...

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Multi Input Form Validation

Hi - I'm trying to show/hide a form field based on the results of a dropdown and a number input. The field should only show if the user selects...

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Dynamic Multiple Flexi-Task Approvers - Sometimes?...

Here's my issue - I have 10 or so nested decisions that look at conditions to assign a flexi task to an approver, in this case all but 1 of those...

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