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Discussion Board List Workflow Export

I am trying to export the workflow of a Discussion Board List with the following command: NWAdmin.exe -o ExportWorkflow with required paramet...

  • By danyale
  • November 15, 2018  03:22
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We are using Nintex Responsive Forms, in the above task form, we have mandatory the comments in case of Rejected is selected by the Approver. H...

  • By danyale
  • October 18, 2018  00:34
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Make attachment require when the decision is equal...

I am making a a task form which should make attachment compulsory when the user select the decision box to approve. It should be optional in case...

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Do not save data for disable fields 

I am having 2 radio buttons in a repeating section of the form. The two options allows two panel (having many controls) in the repeating secti...

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Error in Published Workflow

The following published workflow was imported, however, it shows an error in view mode, so how come it was published in the first place, despite ...

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How to enable spell checker for rich text input fi...

How can I enable spell checking on rich text input fields when using either the Nintex classic or Nintex responsive forms in O365?

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