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Using SOQL to replicate tables and rows

I've used SOQL to successfully build a relationship between my main object and child objects through a junction object. Each of those children has children, so I want to use the SOQL relationship to r...

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Drawloop seems to be pulling a different contact than the one I choose. What's going

I'm new to Drawloop. Just created my first test document. Everything works as expected, but when I select "Bob Smith" from XYZ Account for my letter, the generated document ends up addressed "Julie Jo...

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Is anyone else down right now? I see an expired cert at expired cert- see screenshot we cant use any of our doc generation in salesforce. cant get anyone on the phone when we call the support number.

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  • Posted by mvichris
  • | September 11, 2020 07:10
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Obtaining Data Through a Junction Object Using SOQL

Topic How to use a SOQL relationship to obtain data through a Salesforce Junction Object. This is also known as replication through a lookup. Instructions 1. Create a new relationship on your Do...

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  • Posted by butlerj
  • | November 19, 2018 12:47
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