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Update Disabled Control Styling

I was working on a Nintex Form for a client recently where there were several disabled fields. Actually, based on the type of request they were s...

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Improve Task Forms with List Item Attachments

List item attachments are not available from a task form – even one customized with Nintex Forms. Providing all pertinent information (including ...

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Will Nintex Workflow Cloud Forms support attachmen...

Will Nintex Workflow Cloud Forms support attachments? We like that it now supports anonymous submit, but still need to support allowing attachmen...

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Get List Item Attachments using Web Services

I recently had a requirement come up while implementing an On-Boarding Workflow. The requirement from my client was: "we want to have multipl...

  • By bstori
  • July 31, 2017  07:49
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How to show related Item link on task form

Hello everyone I have customized task form using O 365 Nintex forms. On the task form, I want to show item link. I have seen some blogs where it...

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Lucky You, there's New Form Features!

UPDATE: NOW AVAILABLE IN NINTEX FORMS FOR OFFICE 365! To alleviate some of the madness of March, Nintex Forms for On Premises and Office 365...

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Feedback - Nintex Live Forms for Office 365

Hi all, As many of you know, we do not have Nintex Live Forms for Office 365. To assist us in build the best solutions, could you please co...

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