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Displaying extra info from person field?

Hello, I am using Nintex Forms online and I have person or group field that searches for people in our online Office 365 sharepoint AD. I've read...

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List Lookup filter another List Lookup?

Hello, I'm working with Nintex forums and I've ran into a problem that I can't figure out. My form (on a different list and is acting at the main...

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Cancel button returning to current form?

I'm new to Nintex Forms and it's capabilities. I know how to have my cancel button on a Nintex form call a JS function, but it's not behaving cor...

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Custom .css and .js includes

Hello, I am currently working with Nintex forms for Office 365 and I've added a .js and .css file to my site assets. I placed the paths to these ...

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More than one value on person or group field

Hi everyone, I'm still new to Nintex and learning a lot. Recently, I came across a case in which I need to assign a task to some users. This u...

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