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Use multiline text box data to populate choice fie...

In a Nintex form, I need the user to be able to enter items and then have those items be the choices in a choice field also on the form. That cho...

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How to pass workflow-created list name to a workfl...

As part of a list workflow I am creating an associated list. After the list is created I need to update fields in the new list with data I have s...

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Adding a javascript action to the Save & Submi...

I have added a javascript action to the Save & Submit button in my Nintex form to Print to PDF on Submit action. How do I then get it save th...

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Displaying Repeating Section as table in List View...

Repeating Section of Nintex Form is always a popular topic among the communities. I was trying to help a partner looking into issues he encounter...

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  • December 17, 2015  19:48
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