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Workflow O365 Status value

I have two workflows in a SPO list and part of one of the looping workflows it checks to see if the other workflow is already running. I have varW...

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Nintex Cloud Instances - Export Feature

Hi There, Does anyone know if there is a way to export multiple instances into a file? .CSV or .XLSX etc? I'm having to troubleshoot failed i...

  • By wholani
  • September 19, 2018  21:30
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Document Generation - Can't add Multiple Choic...

Hi there, I'm using nintex cloud. I've created a start even form with variables, Then created a "generate document". problem is I'm able to a...

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Multiple pages with formatted summary page at end ...

Hi there, I've created a Nintex Cloud form as the start event. It's got multiple pages gathering various bits of data i.e. Company Name, Trad...

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Adding hyperlink to body of email to form - 404 fi...

Hi there, I've created a sharepoint list and created a Nintex form. I wanted it so it'd email a certain team when it was submitted. I've see...

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