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Auto Increment - List View

Hello! I have implemented an auto incrementing ID using Nintex WF on-prem and have a slight issue. When an item is saved and the user is return...

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Update List Item Value - List Name Issue

I am working on a simple WF that uses the "Set Value" option to update a single-text column in the item on modification. I have been receiving t...

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Copy Item with User Action (optional fields)

I have a requirement to build a copy item feature that copies an item from List A to List A. However, the caveat is that the user would like to ...

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Preventing Double-booking with Validation

I'm trying to create a Nintex form in Sharepoint 2013 that helps prohibit double-booking in a Calendar List. To do this I've created a relatively...

  • By tlesso
  • December 18, 2017  10:24
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