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Show/Hide panel based on dropdown menu

Hi, Similar issues have been posted but I cant find a solution that works for me. I need a rule in my form that keeps a panel hidden unless a req...

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Invalid left-hand side in assignment

Hi, Can anyone give me a clue as to why I a getting this error message in my Form "Invalid left-hand side in assignment"? Thanks ! Lexie...

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Help with a Regular Expression

Hi, I am trying to replace all characters before the the first capital letter. It's not a set number of characters that needs replacing. The p...

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Sending multiple line text column to another list

Hi, I'm hoping someone give me a hand. I have a workflow that sends information from a list to a document library to be inserted into a tem...

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Why can't I edit forms in IE anymore?

Since our upgrade to SharePoint 2016 I'm unable to edit Forms in IE. Other staff are still able to edit in IE so it must be an issue with my comp...

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Hide/Show One or Many Panels Based on Array (or, c...

OFFICE 365 Recently, I had the need to hide/show panels based on a value or values of a choice control. Online I saw multiple posts on how to ...

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Create Item Action - Permission Error

Hi, I'm using the Create Item in one workflow to create a new item in a new list using some of the data from the item in the source list. The wo...

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  • March 01, 2016  06:46
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