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Nintex Site Workflow - Person or Group field not m...

Hello, I have a Site Workflow in SharePoint that queries a List with a Person or Group field called "Name" and compares to another List and the...

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Nintex Forms 2013 with SharePoint 2013 Not Working...

Hello, I have a Classic Nintex Form (for some reason the responsive option does not show up on load) 2013 on SharePoint 2013 and we are hoping ...

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Nintex Forms UserProfileLookup for Person or Group...

Hello, In Nintex Forms, I would like to have a Person or Group field populated with the current user that is accessing the form. I can cr...

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Nintex Forms RegEx Checking for Single Character

Hello, I'd like to check for only an "@" symbol in Nintex Forms for a text field. This is for email address, and I'd only like to check to make s...

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Why is Nintex Workflow Flexi Task erroring out on ...

My Flexi Task action is erroring out on the reminder date and I have not been able to figure out why. There are three reminders, three days apart...

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