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Breaking The Rules: A Dive Into The Nintex Forms R...

- Introduction - I have been wanting to make this blog post for a little while, and even though (due to time constraints) it probably wi...

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Retrieve User Profile Details on Nintex Form for O...

Retrieve User Profile Details on Nintex Form for Office 365 Unlike the Nintex on-premise version , the User Profile Lookup function isn’t a...

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Update Managed Metadata Column in SharePoint List ...

To Update manage metadata column in SharePoint list we need two thing: 1. Label of manage metadata 2. Term ID of the manage metadata. Scenario...

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Inserting or Updating a Managed Metadata field usi...

I had these notes stored from a couple of years ago - they helped me at the time with a problem I had been banging my head with for ages, but I ...

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Hiding Add New Item for lists in Nintex form

Supposedly when the Nintex form has published, I do not want the user to be able to Add New Item or modify the list as they are not required or ...

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  • August 11, 2014  19:52
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