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How to: Import data from XLSX file into SharePoint...

In Nintex 2010, 2013 and 2016 for SharePoint (Standard version even) on-premise of course, there was a possibility to use excel services to query...

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Copy attachments from one list to another list

I have two lists. List A and List B. When I create an item with and attached file in list A, the file attachment will copy to list B. If I ad...

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  • November 09, 2016  07:32
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How a copy list Item attachments to a folder

I have SharePoint 365 and Nintex WorkFlow and Form 365, how a copy list item attachments to a specific folder??? What is the configuration act...

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Building a SharePoint Web Service to Use with Nint...

Sometimes as a developer usual channels don't work. My colleague and I tried for several hours to extract a base64 file from a document library ...

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Where can I find the rest of my workflow error mes...

The Nintex Messages that I see get cut off. If I need to look in the database--where do I look? Or do I need to look in SharePoint Logs? tha...

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