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Submit confirmation message - new responsive desig...

I am trying to find the equivalent of a confirmation message dialog pop-up when a form is submitted for the NEW responsive designer. I have done this...

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Display list of related items from another list

I need to display several items from another list in the same site inside the form, and am using the online new responsive designer. For some conte...

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Selecting multiple posts in New responsive form de...

How can I select multiple controls on a form to move them around, especially to other pages? I have some content types with 30/40 controls...

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Finding terms typing into a Managed metadata form ...

Using an MMD field on a form I cannot get the "type to show term" option to work. I am typing valid terms and they don't display, but can be foun...

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Sending email to sharepoint group as dynamic name

I have a workflow that dynamically assigns a SharePoint group name to a variable and then use that variable in To: field on an email action. I am...

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