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SharePoint to Documentum?

Anyone got any experience using Nintex to export files from SharePoint into Documentum? I'm advised by our IT that some teams use SOAP or REST we...

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Get All SharePoint Sites for a User???

Is there a web service method to input a user name and pull back all the SharePoint sites that user has access to?

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Populate Columns with Contents of Collection

I've got a question for you. I have a list item with a field that contains all the data I need about a user (login name, email address, etc.). I ...

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Nintex 2016 Responsive Form Not Printing Multi-Sel...

Well this is odd. I am using the responsive form for Nintex 2016 and when we print the completed form, the selections for my multi-select checkbo...

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HTML Links to Attachments Not Working

UPDATED I am using a Build String action to create links to attachments to be used in a task form. I am basically following the steps I as...

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Workflows stuck at Pause

Hello all! As part of my defensive workflow design (and as advised by Nintex Support) I've added a Pause before each task in a workflow. And now...

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Nintex Forms - Error Opening Form on some items

I have a list that I am using a customized Nintex Form. When I view the display form on most of the list items, they open fine. I have one list...

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Define Variable with current date but fixed time

Hi I need to set up a workflow condition that decides which branch of the workflow has to be followed, based on the time that a specific action h...

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Handling Permissions in Workflows

I appear to come across the same scenario time and time again. A request of some sort is made. It goes through one or multiple lines of approva...

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Can NINTEX workflow read an email body from a emai...

Hi there, I have a document library which will have emails coming in with information I need in the body. Is there a way that NINTEX can par...

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  • February 26, 2016  05:46
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