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How to get Scheduled Workflows Details in a workfl...

Hello, I have found how to create a site Scheduled Workflow and how to Remove a site Scheduled Workflow. I have not found a way to retrieve all ...

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Nintex Display Form - Date and Time with Seconds, ...

Nintex shows seconds on the display form for the date and time . This is interesting because you don’t see seconds anywhere on a standard Sha...

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Adjusting the height of a panel where the list loo...

I have a List Lookup Control A (multiple Checkbox) within Panel A that is filtering List Lookup Control B (multiple Checkbox) within Panel B. I'm...

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How to set the focus to the attachment control?

I have the attachment control close to the bottom of my large form and only have the ribbon button "Attach File" displayed. How can I set the fo...

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ListView more than one?

I have a form that uses a ListView showing Child Items (in another list, same site). The form is used as a New and Display. The child items fir...

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How do I create a central rich text mail template ...

Hey Community! I'm currently working on a big workflow with loops and many flexi-tasks. In the current test phase it is often necessary to cha...

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Setting a Dropdown List Lookup using JavaScript fo...

Thought I'd share this because it stumped me for a while. Seemed everyone had little bits and pieces most all different which worked for them. ...

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Empty date column with workflow

This works with on-prem Nintex Workflow 2013 Problem : Upon archiving a document I use workflow to update the date/time field of when the ar...

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List view control - how to diplay filtered items

Hello all, I'd like to search list and display relevant item/items. I have list where one of the column is "User" - where field type is Person o...

  • By marlop
  • September 17, 2017  15:43
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How to set default value some option in drop down ...

Hi Team, Is there any way to set some option value to list look up using Jquery or javascript. Note: This should not always 0 - NA. But some...

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