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Sharepoint Responsive Forms for existing forms.

Is there a way to convert an existing sharepoint list form from classic mode to responsive form mode? ‌

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White Space in repeating section

I'm working on a repeating section with 4-5 columns in it. In display mode the forms adds a big white space between the rows. I don't want to use...

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Add New Item List View

I have a list view control added on my nintex form where I'm displaying another list contents from the same site. That list have a lookup column...

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Is it possible run Multiple instances of the same ...

Is it possible run Multiple instances of the same workflow? I'm trying to call a workflow from a workflow in a loop. For the first item in the ...

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Send Concurrent Review Requests in a Loop

Here is my requirement. I'm running a loop on a repeating section. Repeating section has two people picker field in it. One is staff member and...

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Challenge: Expand textarea instead of scroll

SO I have had an interesting question put to me, and for the life of my I can't get any CSS tricks to work, so I thought jQuery might be a more e...

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