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Custom Validation with "Tabs" and panels

I have a form with radio button options being displayed as 3 buttons, these 3 buttons will display three different panels. Depending on the button that is selected there will be different validation r...

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Windows Redirect on List Item Delete

Hello,I was wondering if it is possible to redirect a user when they have the Nintex "Edit" form open for an item, when they delete that Item I want to send them to a specific page?Scenario:I have a m...

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Default value for Hyperlink in Nintex Forms

I would like to set the default value for web address since it needs to start with http://.Is there a way to set the default value? Or maybe change the value above the textbox from "Type the web addre...

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Nintex “Server name not specified” when I Run NWAdmin tool to detach database

I am trying to migrate a Sharepoint 2007 Nintex workflow to Sharepoint 2010 Nintex environment. I used the method mentioned in the Nintex Site. I have a trial version installed in the 2007 environment...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by sarahjohn
  • | October 23, 2018 00:20
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Error - Cannot use Nintex Forms for content type : Item

Hi,We keep getting the error "Error - Cannot use Nintex Forms for content type : Item" when I try to open the nintex in design mode. Nitex forms used to load fine all these days but starting today we ...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by rumlukik
  • | April 17, 2017 19:29
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Nintex workflow 2010 task forms won't open

When trying to open task forms using 'Edit Task Form' > 'Edit with Nintex Forms' the form designer doesn't open. This issue is affecting all tasks on all workflows within one of our site collection...

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owa add-in: "Invalid SharePoint URL"

Hi, I tried to use your new Outlook/OWA add-in, but is imposible due to authentication issues:When I click on Nintex add-in, I need to authenticate:My credentials are well set, but I'm getting an "Inv...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by ignasitt
  • | October 14, 2015 00:04
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