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how to deal with Nintex Workflow error: The privat...

Hello, I am trying to publish a workflow and all I get is a huge error stating: Nintex Workflow for Office 365 Error publishing work...

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assign flexi task doesn't always work when rep...

hello, From time to time when users reply to a Assign Flexi Task email, the To field in the email isn't filled in with the generic lazy approv...

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Does anyone have a Nintex Workflow Adapter list fo...

We are trying to do a comparison between Workflow Adapters in on-Prem and in the Cloud and the list of the actual adapter names would be most hel...

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nintex forms ignore validation on save as draft bu...

on a form i have a save button and a save and submi t button, i also have validation rules on certain controls. how can i make those validati...

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how to find the position of a substring in a strin...

Is it possible to get the position of a substring in a string on a form? Has anyone ever needed this and succeed in finding a solution? than...

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"Internal Server Error Building PDF"

Hi, I have this coming up when trying to print to pdf. I have html being used in a calculated field (to embed attachments to the form). Anyone...

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Workflow status error: Item does not exist. It may...

Greetings, I am not able to manually kick off the same workflow more than once on an existing item after the workflow has been terminated. Get...

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Nintex Save button without forcing Validations

Hello Everyone, Recently I was tasked with creating a form that has both "Save and Submit" and "Save" buttons. The "save" button is to be used...

  • By wmuzzio
  • October 04, 2016  07:31
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Nintex workflow 'wait for item update' wil...

I am using Nintex 2013 workflow. I've created a workflow using 'wait for item update' (a field to be filled in by a user/requester and saved) b...

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Regular expression Help- I need to remove i:0#.w|

I need to remove: i:0#.w| from i:0#.w|federated\l035269. I have tried to figure it out on my own but it is not panning out. I want my result t...

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  • September 16, 2016  09:51
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