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Workflow "Log to History" in a Component...

Sorry for the newbie question but I've search and not come up with the answer yet... I have a workflows on several document libraries each whic...

  • By bo55vxr
  • December 16, 2019  01:38
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Calling Azure Function from Nintex Workflow

Hi folks, Has anyone tried using a Web Request action to trigger an Azure Function app before? We have found that we can successfully call the ...

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Multiple users assigned to task, close out tasks w...

Hello Nintex friends, I have a workflow that routes approvals through multiple levels. When a task is assigned at a step, there will be sometim...

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Set workflow variable in site workflow

I have been fighting with this for several hours now and I'm sure I'm doing everything right but I can't get a Set Workflow Variable action to work. ...

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Serial Task Ordering Issue

Oftentimes, when initiating an approval process via a Nintex form, I will use a people picker control to allow end-users to include additional "Ad Ho...

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