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How to compare two workflows?

Is there anyway to compare two workflows side by side? I tried exporting the nwp file, but that doesn't open in notepad++ (well it does, but not ...

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Regex extract producing extra characters in the re...

Hi there, I'm using a regex in a workflow to extract some text from a string, save it to a variable and then update a column with that variabl...

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Create a document cover page with version history

I'm struggling to find a solution to this - I would like to have a document cover page with some basic information from Sharepoint (author/title ...

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How to 'Run if' current item field is empt...

I'm trying to create a workflow to remind users to fill in meta data, so If a list item field is empty (in this case a lookup field) then run som...

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How to clear all properties/metadata of a document...

I need to clear all fields for a document with the click of a button. This works fine when the field is a simple text field, I can use 'Set Field...

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Simple Approval Workflow - Nintex Workflow for Off...

Learn how to use Nintex Workflow for Office 365 to create and automate a workflow for a simple approval on a document. This document also shows h...

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