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Copy document in another library with a specific C...

I need to copy a document in another document library, but the library has 5 different Content Types. When I copy the document it uses the defaul...

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I don't receive email task O365

I don't receive email from an "Assign a task" in Office 365. This occurs only in one of the tasks, because I have two tasks and in one it send...

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Convert docx to PDF in O365

I need convert a document of a library and save as PDF in O365. The Document Generation only allow 500 uses per year.

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Get Recurring Events in O365

Hi Everyone, I need get the recurring events in a calendar. I can do it in the version on premise of Nintex, but I can't in O365. I t...

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Error in cascading drop down with filtering by a c...

I am trying to create a cascading drop down in Nintex Form, but the filtering by a control’s value its not working (the filter works by a sp...

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attachments custom validation

I have need for very custom validation on an attachment field. We have a series of cascading drop down menus that make the attachment field vi...

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Using Document Generation to create Excel Report f...

With the new Nintex Document Generation action in Nintex for Office 365, it is now possible to create an Excel Report from Sharepoint List item...

  • By kkgan
  • December 13, 2015  18:13
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How to get the day of week?

I want to get the day of the week for a specific date. Example: Input = 7/24/2015 Output = Friday Or much better like JavaScript getDay() m...

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