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Call Web Service located on site with Negotiate pr...

Hello! I'm trying to use Call web service action in my worklow to request data from web service, which is located on IIS web site with the foll...

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fn-FormatDate doesn't work with specific regio...

Hi! I have a DateOnly field in standard SP list, which contains date: 13.10.1988 , for example SPWeb (where my list located) have UTC+7 tim...

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Workflow description in Workflow Inventory

Hi, guys! With one of Nintex Worklow updates Workflow inventory has been introduced. But workflow description field has been removed from this ...

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Workflows are cancelled by system account

Hi, guys! Sometimes i meet with a strange trouble: workflows which have an action "Pause for" are sometimes getting cancelled by system account....

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Call WebService action can't parse XML-schema

Guys, hi! Recently i discovered a strange behavior of Call Web Service action in my Nintex Workflow 2013. Problem raised after one of latest ...

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Error: failed to start workflow. the workflow cann...

Hi All, I have a workflow which is triggered on Item Created and Item modified. There were no immediate changes made to the workflow but it ...

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  • August 11, 2015  03:34
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How to purge items from a large history list safel...

Products: Nintex Workflow 2013, Nintex Workflow 2010 Occasionally a history list grows to a point where you can no longer utilize NWAdmin to...

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