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How do you conditionally hide a button?

I cannot seem to conditionally hide a button on a form (or on the ribbon) based on the value of a SharePoint list property? I tried "expression"...

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Can I download the new verion of Nintex Forms know...

I recently received a link to a YouTube demo of a new version of forms, code named "Zinc". I was told that this is now available for download, b...

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People picker fields not working correctly

Any idea why people-picker fields would stop working on forms that have not been touched? People-picker fields are not working properly on a num...

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How to invoke "Print to PDF" from a form...

How can I invoke the "Print to PDF" function from a button on a form? (I would prefer a "Print" button to the ribbon selection.)

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Disabled form fields are difficult to read on mobi...

On a mobile device (iPhone), form fields that have been "disabled" are nearly impossible to read (display gray on gray). Can the color be change...

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Make fields "required" and disable "...

I came around this during my last custom project and didn't find an out of the box function or any info when searching here on Connect for an ans...

  • By rubi
  • November 27, 2014  04:53
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