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Nintex Site Workflow not running

Hi - Is there a limit to the size of a SharePoint list that a Site Workflow will not fire on? We have two lists and one is 50k plus (site workfl...

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Error in Task. Unauthorized attempt to update work...

Hi, I have been looking over the forum for a solid answer on this and have not come across one yet. We are seeing this error occur sporadically ...

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Nintex workflow errors out at end of workflow

Hi, I am having numerous issues with workflows firing off a workflow errored message after the workflow has successfully completed. Is this a ...

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Nintex Workflow - Auto Select Choice Field Metadat...

Hi, I have a Nintex workflow that pushes data from list to another list and am trying to find a way to auto-select the choice fields. Here ...

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Nintex Workflow 2010 - The workflow could not upda...

Hi, I am experiencing a major issue with a workflow that had been working fine before hand. All of a sudden I am getting the error listed b...

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Error in task.  Unauthorized attempt to u...

I've got a workflow that assigns an approval task to a manager. After approval the workflow creates a SharePoint site. Out of about 100 success...

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  • February 19, 2015  16:31
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Adding all values that correspond with an employee...

Struggling with how to do this. I am making a PTO system that has two lists. One that works as a simple leave request system, and one that is use...

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  • September 03, 2014  12:40
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