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Previous versions of workflows set to "allow&...

We noticed some unusual things in our stage environment recently, and I'm hoping to find some assistance with narrowing down what might be causin...

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Spell check in forms builder?

I was looking for a way to run a spell check in the Forms builder to catch any errors in all of the label controls and panel names throughout a f...

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Coercion error at end of state machine

I have a state machine workflow that has been throwing an error right at the end so it does not successfully end. It is a normal looking error, ...

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Rock the vote! An approach for making every vote ...

I recently had a client who needed a workflow that could handle voting in a way that was a bit challenging to get working. I'm sure there a mult...

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List workflow doesn't start on new item... som...

I have a list workflow that is set to run on the creation of a new item. I have seen a few items created in that list recently where that workfl...

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Calculate a Project's Total Time

I am working in a Nintex O365 Responsive Form. I want to calculate the Total Time for Project based on the Time Spent Per Task. The calculations...

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Quiz through Nintex Workflow

Hi All, I am trying to create an workflow to organize a quiz in my department. Now there are 2 sharepoint lists, one with the answer key and a...

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Best method for 12 approvers - if not all approve ...

I have a requirement to have 12 stakeholders indicate their approval via lazy approval - as long as none reject and doesn't matter how many actua...

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401:Unauthorized when publishing a nintex workflow...

401:Unauthorized when publishing a nintex workflow only when it contains an "Assign Flexi Task" action. Even though I have Full Control permissio...

  • By jamal
  • May 29, 2017  16:00
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