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Extracting Data from Approver comment

Hi, I have a question, how to extract only name and comment from LastApproversComments field... Example of approver comments field is: Na...

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Get multiple users from Person field

Hi, I have a question how to get multiple users from one Person field and add each user in their own Assign Flexi Task? The number of users i...

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Error in approval header

Hello, Can someone help me with this error. This happens occasionally, several workflows complete and then 2,3 of them does not. T...

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Extract data from multiple lines column

Hello, I'm using Nintex 2013, and I would like to make a list to update the daily exchange rates. Using query XML action I get data from web p...

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Assign Flexi task error

Hello, I have a problem with Assign Flexi task. Does anyone know where is the problem with this wf? Thanks!

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Regular Expressions in Nintex Workflow

The Regular Expression action is an extremely powerful action for splitting text, replacing text or getting data out of text. Don't be worried a...

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