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How to update Nintex Workflow 2013 ( to th...

Hi, We run the old Version of Nintex Workflow 2013 (release - International). The SharePoint CU is from March 2018. We were told tha...

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extract emailadress from a collection variable

Hi, I have a List Business Change Request ehich starts a workflow when a new item ist created. The stakeholder are all in a separated list. So I ...

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I see the workflows in gallery but cannot see it w...

We have several Workflows to realize the "p ersonal mutation process" (entry, change and Exit) . Since a few days I have several wf who crashed...

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NINTEX Workflow doesn't work after moving

Hi all, We did an SharePoint upgrade from 2010 to 2013. Additionally we moved our SP webapplication which includes a recruitng workflow and of c...

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stopping the workflow for X days and then sending ...

Hi folks, I have a workflow that will be started when a person leaves a company. This wf can be started even 2 months before this person leave...

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