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Workflow 2013 Execute SQL fails after 5 minutes. T...

Hello, I have long running query and it is failed with "Error performing database operation. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prio...

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Unable to publish O365 Workflow when Edit Task For...

The feature to edit the task forms from the workflow designer in Office 365 came with the July updates for Nintex Forms.​ ​ For me one of the b...

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Nintex Forms button that can change Item Field

Hello, I need to crate a form in O365 with buttons that can change item field. I want to combine it with Nintex workflow, so instead of ope...

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The Paper-less Office Is Alive and Well Thanks to ...

L et's be honest, people like to print things out. You know you do! Allow me to paint a picture... You just filled out that leave request f...

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Displaying Repeating Section as table in List View...

Repeating Section of Nintex Form is always a popular topic among the communities. I was trying to help a partner looking into issues he encounter...

  • By kkgan
  • December 17, 2015  19:48
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Edit Task Forms on Office 365

As you may all know, Nintex is closing the gap between features between O365 and On-premise versions of our products. Just a few important featur...

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How to pause a workflow for less than 5 minutes

We often see requests of how to pause a workflow for less than 5 minutes. Until now this has not been possible as the pause action relies on the ...

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Inline function errors when the string value conta...

When using an inline function with a special character inside the string value you may receive the following error: “Error retrieving c...

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  • February 25, 2015  15:10
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