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Set Item Permissions not Changing all permissions

Looking for some advice from the community here on the Set Item Permissions action in the List and Libraries area in Nintex Workflow for SharePoi...

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Limit the fields displayed on a workflow task page...

Hello Everyone, I have a bit of a strange request. When using a Flexi Task action the action sends an email to the end user to approve or reject...

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Ability to cancel a workflow

Hello Community, I have an interesting request from the end user base. On my SharePoint 2013 on premise install that has Nintex Workflow 2013, ...

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Permissions for the "You are not authorized t...

Hello Community, Once again I am looking to the community to see if there is a resolution to the error message of "You are not authorized to res...

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Workflow keeps sending emails after it is cancelle...

Hello Community, I have an issue that I need assistance with. I have a Nintex workflow that was running correctly and sent out an email as it s...

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Nintex Workflow Visio Shape Collection

Nintex Workflow Visio Shape Collection - Initial Release Check out the asset in - Nintex Workflow Visio Stencil Sheet Features ...

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State Machine does not end state & jumps to th...

Hello all, I have a question about state machine application. I have used several state machines for a parallel workflow as in the attachment. I...

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January 2017 Mission

What is Your New Year Nintex Resolution? Over time we all develop certain habits of doing things; right, wrong, or indifferent. I challenge...

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  • January 03, 2017  11:13
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UK Nintex User Group

myself and were discussing last year how great it would be to organise a user group in the U.K. somewhere. We are happy to organise but need ...

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State Machine with Assign Flexi task action

Hi, We have designed the workflow(Nintex workflow 2013) having state machine and assign flexi task action. The assign flexi task action is ins...

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